East Port Said Bulk Storage Terminal

Ports & Container Terminals

Client: Egyptian Army Corps of Engineers

Consultant: Dar Al-Handasah

Location: Port Said Governorate, Egypt

Project duration: 2015 to 2017

Scope of Work:

  • Construction of 500-meter quay wall.
  • Front wall: combined sheet pile wall with pipe piles at intervals of 3.4 meters connected by Z-shaped sheet piles, 69 meters in depth. Steel pipes are two meters in diameter, 25 mm thick, and filled with reinforced concrete up to -10 meters and with plain concrete from -10 to -22 meters.
  • Rear wall: bored piles 1.20 meters in diameter and 69 meters total depth, with secant piles of 0.6 meters diameter and 16 meters in depth.
  • Intermediate supports: two rows of bored piles 1.2 meters diameter and 69 meters total depth at intervals of 3.4 meters.

  • 2.0 x 2.5-meter girders connect the walls through piles caps, capping beams include turn-over pits for electrical supply for gantry cranes.

  • Reinforced concrete deck consists of cast in-situ slab 0.5 meters thick.

  • Supply and installation of bollards, fenders, crane rails, and other quay furniture.