High Speed Rail

07 September 2021

Hassan Allam Holding is pleased to announce that two of its subsidiaries will be participating in the construction works of two key stations and four main bridges for the high-speed train project, awarded by the Ministry of Transportation. Hassan Allam Construction will build the New Alamein Station and Wadi El Natroun Station, while Hassan Allam Roads and Bridges will build four bridges in the same project, these will consist of two road bridges and two rail bridges. The first road bridge will extend over 195 meters and 70 meters in width on the regional ring road, the second is located on the Quarry Road and will have a length of 520 meters and a width of 30 meters. As for the rail bridges, the first will stretch over 1000 meters with a width of 13.3 meters, while the second will be designated for the high-speed train in the 6th of October City and will extend over 3,000 meters with a width of 13.3 meters. The high-speed train project will serve as a new Suez Canal, linking the New Administrative Capital and the new cities with a fast and reliable electric railway network. We are proud to participate once again in nationally significant projects, creating value for those we serve and benefiting our communities for generations to come.