Toshka Infrastructure Project

17 August 2021

Hassan Allam Construction, a subsidiary of Hassan Allam Holding, is proud to announce that it has been awarded by the government of Egypt a new infrastructure project in Toshka-Egypt. Hassan Allam Construction has previously completed water and irrigation infrastructure for more than 160,000 acres in Toshka during the past 9 months, playing an instrumental role in the national initiative for the reclamation of Toshka’s agriculture lands. The new zone has a total area of 56,237 acres that will seed 28,233 acres, which will be used to produce around 84,000 tons of wheat per annum. The project will consist of 180 KM of road networks and approximately 265 KM of irrigation networks with all relevant components. Hassan Allam Construction is proud to participate once again in nationally significant projects, creating value for those we serve and benefiting our communities for generations to come.