Emiral Towers (Forum)

Commercial & Mixed-use Buildings

Client: Emiral UAE.

Engineer: Emiral UAE

Location: Algiers, Algeria

Project duration: 2015-2018

Scope of work:

  •   Hotel Tower and a Hotel Apartment Tower, each is a 2 story parking a Mezzanine and 7 floors each.
  • Project Built up area 75,000 m2.

Project Facts:

  •   Project is in the in the area of ​​Moretti (western suburbs of Algiers) .
  • The Client’s master plan to execute an integrated complex tourist and real estate including: four towers of apartments, terraced apartments on the edge beach, offices, a clinic, a shopping mall, a hotel complex, a fitness club and a marina.
  • Client is a very prestigious landmark and the client is a private well reputed Emirate company investing in Algeria.