Hassan Allam Construction Awarded Engineering and Construction Contract for First and Largest Black Sand Minerals Concentration and Separation Plants in Egypt and the Middle East

The project will pioneer the extraction and separation of minerals from black sand in Egypt, thus providing key import substitutes, opening up new export revenue streams and protecting the environment from harmful radioactive materials

25 June 2020

Hassan Allam Holding (HAH), a leading construction and engineering group headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, serving regional and global clients in the Middle East and Africa, announced today that its subsidiary Hassan Allam Construction (HAC) has been awarded a contract by the Egyptian Black Sand Company (EBSC) a member of National Service Projects Organization (NASPO), for the engineering and construction of concentration and separation plants, for the extraction of economic minerals from black sand. HAC will also review the designs of the plants, as well as partially supply equipment and install production lines. The Primary Concentration Plant (PCP) and the Mineral Separation Plant (MSP) will be constructed adjacently by the International Coastal Road, in Borollos, Kafr El Sheikh.

“I am proud of our collaboration with Hassan Allam Holding and confident in their capabilities in building the Kafr El Sheikh plants. This project will help us realize the added value of black sand’s economic minerals, contributing to the construction of national projects that will bolster the economy, provide thousands of job opportunities, limit illegal immigration, and protect the environment from radioactive materials found in black sand. It is one the projects currently under construction in the areas of Rasheed, Gholyoun, Al-Manzala and Damietta,” says General Ezz El Din Saleh, Chief Executive Officer of EBSC.

“As industry in Egypt continues to move towards the use of local, sustainably sourced raw materials, we continue to support the rise of local capabilities and are proud of our role in bringing a nationally-significant project to life. Sourcing black sand minerals locally will not just provide Egyptian manufacturers with accessible replacements to imported raw materials, but will also create new export opportunities for Egypt,” says Engineer Hassan Allam, CEO of Hassan Allam Holding.

HAC will carry out the design review, procurement, civil works, electro-mechanical works, as well as the supply, fabrication and installation of all steel structure and plate works, with the international expertise of Mineral Technologies Company coming into play for the implementation of advanced transfer and storage technologies and the supply of the core process equipment, as per the contract struck between it and EBSC.

The black sand project is a unique value added model for Egyptian economy in the sourcing of economic minerals locally, especially ilmenite, rutile, wet zircon, dry zircon, monazite, magnetite and granite, which are extracted from heavy, black sand that precipitates on shorelines. Dredging will occur up till 10 meters deep, with the wet sand collected then transported to the PCP for concentration and the MSP for separation and packaging. The MSP, an 80-feddan plant, will contain feeding units for the materials received from the PCP pumps, as well as separate units for each mineral and a top-tier packaging unit for product distribution. Over 1,000 employees will assist in bringing the full project online.

“It is important to understand the value behind this national project on economic, social and environmental levels. Not only will the added value contribute to a boost in the country’s economy, it will also mobilize a substantial workforce and decrease the strain on the country’s coastal environment by reducing the harmful effects of radioactive minerals, thereby benefitting people, planet and profit,” says Engineer Mohamed El Dahshoury, CEO of Hassan Allam Construction.

Hassan Allam Holding has a solid track record spanning more than eight decades in delivering largescale projects in the industrial sector across Egypt and the MENA region. To date, the group has successfully executed hundreds of projects across its diversified portfolio, delivering international quality at the highest safety standards.