Hassan Allam Holding and Nexford University announce partnership to develop young Egyptian talent

Hassan Allam Holding and Nexford University announce partnership to develop young Egyptian talent

10 December 2018

Hassan Allam Holding, a leading Egyptian construction and engineering group, has partnered with Nexford University (NXU), a next-generation university based in Washington DC, to invest in local higher education, bringing opportunity to a region synonymous with a soaring youth population.

Hassan Allam’s 80-year legacy in construction and engineering is rooted in history, but its focus is squarely on the future: it will sponsor the American university’s pioneering cohort of Egyptian learners on the university’s pilot program.

By providing Egyptians with greater access to high-quality university education that prepares them for the global workplace, the group aims to stir economic mobility and unlock economic productivity not just in Egypt but throughout the region.

“The next generation comprises young people characterized by a desire to innovate, work hard, lead others and solve problems not yet invented. Hassan Allam’s investment in local talent aligns with Nexford’s vision to bring globally affordable, high-quality education to Egypt, one of our core markets,” said Dr Sheila Fournier-Bonilla, Chief Academic Officer, NXU.

Africa is the only region in the world where the youth population is increasing. By 2050, the number of people aged 24 or younger will increase by nearly 50 percent, according to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2018 Goalkeepers report.

Hassan Allam, which employs more than 34,000 people in the region, will sponsor 40 employees to attend Nexford’s MBA program along with 10 handpicked Egyptians. The dynamic partnership is part of Hassan Allam’s expanding corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy to boost home-grown talent, including its employees.

“As a key player in the Egyptian market for over eight decades, investing in human capital is part and parcel of our sustainable growth strategy. This goes hand in hand with our vision to see Egypt become one of the world’s strongest economies. Directly helping people in the community in which we do business gain important career-advancement skills is fundamental to our nation’s growth story,” said Amr Allam, co-CEO, Hassan Allam Holding.

Egypt poses a number of key opportunities for educational models to thrive. Following a set of economic reforms that included the liberalization of the Egyptian pound and gradual energy subsidy removals, inflation has begun to climb, making access to quality higher education ever more important for a young population looking to carve out more lucrative career paths.

In 2017, the Arab world's most populous nation was home to more mobile connections than people, reported the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, suggesting yet another key opportunity for online curriculums to gain traction. Nexford is primed to leverage mobile penetration exceeding 100% by offering a next-generation online experience supported by AI and machine learning.

NXU's workplace-relevant curriculum was designed based on insights from corporate titans – such as Pepsi, EY and Ericsson – a global employer survey of 2.5 million people worldwide, and research including analysis of 30 million job vacancies.

MBA learners can choose to earn a degree with a specialization relevant to their local market as well as their future career. Specializations include Sustainability, where the planet’s dwindling resources tops of the agenda, and Managing Hyperconnectivity, where learners cover cybersecurity hacks and IoT ecosystems.

Hassan Allam, founded in 1936, has a long-established history of building essential infrastructure to help millions of citizens in Egypt and beyond. As the company takes steps to future-proof its employees, NXU is painting a new picture for the continent’s youth by bridging an industry-education skills gap.

About Nexford University

Nexford University (NXU) is a next-generation university based in Washington DC offering a competency-based learning model. NXU’s mission is to enable greater social and economic mobility through providing an affordable high-quality education that will positively impact millions of lives around the world. Learners from Egypt, the Philippines, Nigeria, and the US can register their interest in Nexford’s pilot program now.

Nexford offers the following degrees and certificates: Associate of Applied Science in Business (AAS), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), MBA, nine undergraduate certificates and three graduate certificates in the field of business. Nexford provides learners with a fully online global education based on mastery of competencies relevant in the workplace. A global team of faculty and advisors support learning and professional success through the innovative use of technology, such as AI and machine learning. For more information, visit www.nexford.org

For media enquiries contact Anna Johnston: ajohnston@nexford.org

About Hassan Allam Holding

Hassan Allam Holding is a leading Egyptian engineering and construction group whose primary operations include infrastructure, industrial, and high-end commercial projects in Egypt and the MENA region. Established in 1936, it is the oldest construction group in the MENA region, and boasts a solid reputation, superior technical capabilities, and a diversified portfolio. With a legacy of identifying and investing in attractive infrastructure projects, in the past five years it has delivered over 71 projects and has a backlog exceeding USD 3 billion. Hassan Allam Holding is 86.2% owned by the Hassan Allam family and 13.8% owned by the International Finance Corporation. For more information, visit www.hassanallam.com.