Qanater New Hydraulic Bridge

05 January 2022

Details: Hassan Allam Roads and Bridges has been awarded by the General Authority for Roads and Bridges a new dual railway vertical-lift bridge along the Nile Barrage area, crossing the Nile River on Damietta Branch. The bridge will connect the Qalyubiya and Menoufiya governorates, passing through Qalyub, Menouf, and Tanta. The bridge spans across 1.35 km, consisting of 16 onshore concrete panels, and 3 offshore structural steel panels over the navigation course. The main intermediate offshore panel will form the movable part of the bridge using the hydraulic vertical lifting mechanism. The onshore concrete part consists of 17 axes using the slab on piles system with a total length of 280 meters. The overall length of the offshore steel panels is 210 meters. The third part of the railway bridge will be constructed using the Earthwork embankment method to connect the existing rail line to the bridge. The length of the embankment is 839 meters. The project overall includes about 2,200 tons of steel structure to be fabricated and erected by Hassan Allam Steel Division. The project is the first vertical-lift bridge in Egypt with the capacity to support heavy loads and is the latest in the group’s efforts and contributions to enhancing the national transportation infrastructure network.